Alice shares some secrets in the press on hosting garage sales

Cash In Your Closet

Cash In Your Closet

I woke up this morning to messages from a very excited friend, “You’re in the papers again!” I’m not going to lie. It does feel good. Every couple of days, I’ll meet a friend, relative or acquaintance and they’ll congratulate me on all the press. Some people actually recognize me from the papers, which is another thrill. And of course, everyone asks, ‘When’s the next garage sale?’ Aastha and I are loving how ‘From The Rabbit Hole’ is growing and we’re going to try to have them once in every two months for sure. Until then follow Alice’s adventures on this blog, like the facebook page for updates and follow me on twitter for all that can be said in 140 characters. If you’re interested in contributing to the next garage sale or hosting it, email us at and So, are you enjoying this new wave of garage sales in the city?

Anjaana Anjaani | Strange stories

For some retarded reason, I am crazy about this film’s title song.
It all started the day I started blogging.
Unaware of my circumstances and the people around me,
I started singing loudly and dancing along to the tune.

I tweeted several times: Anjaana aa aa aaa a Anjaani ee ee eee e

It’s obvious I can’t wait for the film to release. I’m even more geared after listening to the music. One Sunday evening, my car radio and stereo were acting up. I was with a friend who sings the song as often as I do. We went to Irla (the street that should be renamed Alfa street) to look for a music CD of the film. We were in luck. A transaction that lasted 5 minutes and an exchange out of a car window later, we were proud motor-mouths.

(Looking at this picture has reminded me to post the cutest earmuffs for you guys)

Anyway, this morning, I changed my Blackberry status to: What does today have in store?

Much to my surprise, I had won the Hindustan Times – Anjaana Anjaani contest!
I don’t usually have very good luck with such things.

So, of course, there had to be a silver lining. I sent them my contact number. They told me I was expected at the Kingdom of Dreams (NCR) tonight. But they hadn’t accounted for how a Mumbai resident would travel. Boo! So, yeah my dreams shall remain within my own kingdom. 😦 & I could neither trust HT nor could I visit the Kingdom of Dreams. I also missed the chance to meet Priyanka Chopra & Ranbir Kapoor. 😦

They say luck favours the brave. So, I shall hope for better luck next time. Meanwhile, let’s pray for our fairy tales to come true because the right answer is: All the greatest love stories are between strangers!