Retro Art | Alive and kicking

A friend is on the marketing team for Vipul Shah’s films. Hence, I’m inevitably tagged in photos on facebook when a film from their production house is on the anvil of release. Yesterday, even my twitter timeline was flooded with images of Action Replayy. (via Akshay Kumar)

Action Replayy

I guess I don’t mind the bombardment as much because the posters are retro style. If you look closely, you can spot the words: ‘In Eastman Colour’. That’s my favourite combination.

Action Replayy

I love couples like these. We went for a second viewing of Inception yesterday. Watching it at Imax, on the biggest screen is so much fun. The boy insisted I looked retro myself. If I had to paint a picture of yesterday, it would be something like the one below.

31st August

31st August by Alicewandering featuring topshop belt

Coming back to the posters, it has been my lifelong dream to buy my own car. And the ‘girly’ girl tag that I have been conferred with, you won’t be surprised to know it has to be a VolksWagen Beetel. (More stories on that later)

Action Replayy

One time, two single girls went looking for a bar in the city. 3 different riksha rides, 4 different places and 50 minutes later, they arrived at Gadda da Vida. It’s a nice little pub at the Hotel Novotel, Juhu. Next time, you’re stuck, that’s where you should head.

Look what drops you back home if you stay longer and a wee bit drunk.

Gadda da vida cab

Photograph: Dhruvi Shah

I simply love retro art. Dinky cars find meaning in vibrant colours. Clothes are embellished with blinding tinsel. Flower power and polka dots find their way on to everything.  Bell bottomed sleeves and pants with printed scarves on hair bands are the norm. I simply ❤ that era.