A little festive spirit: Christmas and the colour green

Like I tweeted earlier, Christmas happens to be a big birthday shout out to my Santa Claus: dad. It’s appropriate then that Santa Claus is actually Father Noel.

When we were younger, we had a Christmas tree, decorated it with ornaments, wore festive hats and had a jolly time. This year was mellow and a celebration of a different kind.

Since, I didn’t get the opportunity to wear my hat, I digitally recreated it on myself and the bestie.

Dress – Platinum Mall, Bangkok | Earrings – Topshop, London | Clutch – Bliss, Mumbai

Around Christmas eve, I was really craving ice cream. Watching shows on television documenting preparation of some of the best ice creams worldwide might have triggered it. Anyway, since I wasn’t getting any fancy ice cream, I thought I might as well debut these cutesy earrings. They’re just delicious.

Clutch as appears in the photograph on http://blissstore.blogspot.com

I guess the holiday season was just right for me to take my clutch out. I had first spotted it on the Bliss blog. (Click here to view the post) I instantly knew I had to visit this quirky store. Of course, I picked up more than just the clutch. ๐Ÿ™‚

Having tried to pair it with so many outfits earlier, I was overjoyed I was carrying the frilly wonder that day. After splitting a pizza with the BFF, I had to head for a dance rehearsal. My ensemble was quite a conversation piece. ๐Ÿ˜‰

What was on your Christmas wish list?ย What did you wear on Christmas/ Christmas eve? How do you celebrate Christmas and the holidays?