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Action Replayy

I had the good fortune of meeting poster makers from 3 different eras while researching for my article (Now Showing). One of the most moving facts was this:

When hoardings are disposed, people off the street use them as roofs for their chawls. The irony and visual imagery of the thought always stirs mixed emotions.

It’s pouring cats and dogs today. I guess the thought is befitting.

Now Showing | 1

Now Showing | 2

Moving on to happier thoughts.

Poster making is being revived in a big way today. While you can obviously frame old movie posters and hang them on walls, they have now found a way on to all things of daily use imaginable.

Speaking of which, one of my friends was extremely kind to do this for me.

Dabangg | Before & After

Aren’t I going to have fun with this image? Watch out for my custom-made Dabangg merchandise coming your way. 🙂

If you could put your face on a movie poster, which would it be and why?
A surprise awaits for lucky winners. Reply soon!

Birthday cards | Saif Ali Khan

A big happy birthday shout-out to Saif Ali Khan.
He’s an actor I have grown to like over the years.
With Love Aaj Kal, I have simply become a fan.

At the press screening, he greeted us at the entrance.
He’d overheard the conversation we were having while crossing the street.
He’s sharp like that.

I’d worn my custom-made Chor Bazaari inspired kurta.
Apparently, theme dressing for screenings is my thing.
But I’m more than happy to do it. 🙂

In all this Love Aaj Kal ness…

Look what I came across while reading the GQ.
I had loved his cover shoot. The pictures were so in sync with a fab interview.
I have a soft spot for the particular picture listed below.
You’re going to find out why very soon.

Meanwhile, do take the poll. Either on twitter or here.

Saif Ali Khan | Castle of cards

Saif Ali Khan | Relationships are fragile

I dig Saif Ali Khan’s style.
With the help of colleagues,
I have answers to so many questions.
I shall go through the archives to link you to some fun style interviews.

Until then, as a tribute to Love Aaj Kal (one of my top rated films),
the original Chuck Taylor Converse shoe (my top rated footwear),
and luck favoured shopping sprees,
a DIY shopping escapade for your eyes only…

Saif Ali Khan | Shopping

Saif Ali Khan | DIY shopping

If there is a look you really like and want to recreate for yourself,
or you’re looking for a personal shopper to understand your references,
you know I can be of service to you, just leave a comment or contact me via email 🙂

Photographs: Dhruvi Shah


If you would like to place an order for some coasters,
contact me via email (
or just leave a comment and I will get in touch with you.

So, how do you like your coffee?

Hot chocolate

I prefer hot chocolate. Especially from Costa Coffee. They have the right mix.

I hate spilling. So, I made my own coasters. Inspired by a coaster.
It reads: MAKE-DO AND MEND | a ball of wool bobs on a placard:
“Mend and make-do to save buying new.”

Mugs on coasters

For Aniruddha’s ‘At the Movies’ theme birthday, we gave away coasters as take-home gifts and something to remember the night by.
I kept Love Aaj Kal and Watchmen, for obvious reasons.

Available in 50 and more designs.

At the movies

They work great as party decor, gifts, take-aways,
and I use the concept to make more versatile items as well.

Cheers to a hot cuppa coffee! :*

Photographs: Dhruvi Shah