Project Runway | Sequined Dresses

Unfortunately I’ve contracted conjunctivitis. I know that I’ve complained enough on twitter. Anyway, given my sore eyes, I’m restricted to using the computer for watching television shows. My current obsession is Project Runway.

The show is devoid of the drama we are accustomed to on Indian reality tv. Thank goodness for that. It is actually so inspiring that I want to bust out cash and fetch the ‘brother’ sewing machine I saw in the store last week.

While watching season 8, I came across Heidi Klum sporting a sequined outfit in episode 6 titled ‘You Can Totally Wear That Again’.

Of course, I had reason to be really excited. I had featured the exact same dress in my Glamfare shopping spread, Filmfare issue dated June 9, 2010.

Paloma Mini Dress

It was an interesting feature for those newly introduced to online shopping. While researching for the article I realized, a sequined LBD (Little Black Dress) is the perfect recipe for a successful evening out. Be it a party, a red carpet affair, a formal occasion or even a night to the disco, you can’t go wrong.

In the spread, you will notice how I chose to style an actress in my own dress, picks from online storesĀ and expert tips on how to be versatile with a garment like the sequined little black dress. Happy reading!

Shopping, Glamfare --> June 9, 2010, Filmfare

A lot of work went into the article featured above. It just makes me so happy to see items I have featured in the magazine appear on real-life actors months later. It’s a pat on the back for someone trying to observe trends. šŸ˜€

On another note, I love the deliberation round in Project Runway. When the judges have decided who the winner and loser is, they have the best expressions to show confirmation. I can’t stop smiling and laughing. I’m also sad every time someone has to leave the show. They’re all so talented and hardworking.

So… If you’ve always wanted to wear your shiny black dress but didn’t know where to or how, you now have the answers. If you were scared to shop online, you will find clarifications to your doubts. If you like to see my styling and read my articles, you will enjoy going through this post. If you’re a Heidi Klum fan or watch Project Runway, I want to hear from you. Now that you finally know where ‘the dress’ came from. Anyhow, your feedback is welcome. Please don’t be shy!

Keep it simple! Style it up. Have some fun. xoxo Alice