A fat cat’s birthday at a cafe

So, in this case, the fat cat is still me. *cheshire smile* You see, I have this strange affection for the feline monsters. Maybe it began with an admiration for Garfield. But over the years, the cat and I have found a comfortable sweet spot.

On my birthday, a month and a week ago, I was sulking like a cat. I demanded to be taken to a fancy place for grub. For the record, I DON’T like Indian Chinese food. There weren’t too many options and not too much time. My patient friend resorted to the good women at Brown Paper Bag for a recommendation. (Of course, you have checked out their website here?)

Therefore… as is always appropriate in the universe where everything is about me, we were directed to the Fat Cat Cafe. 😛

Photograph: Aniruddha Guha

Earrings – Thrift store, China | Shirt – H & M, Hong Kong | Bag – Cath Kidston

So, anyway, once we were at the restaurant, we left it up to the chef to delight us.

For starters, we were offered wine soaked mushrooms. They were delicious.

Let me say this upfront, I don’t like alcohol. I can’t digest it. I like my drink to taste good. As pretty much anyone would tell you, the solution to that is a wine cocktail. So, there were two on our table. An orange mimosa and a sangria. Both were yummy!

As for the mains, the vegetarian offering was a slightly dry pasta with a garnish of cheese. It had the word tangerine in its description, something that always wins my heart. Aniruddha, my accomplice claims the prawns were the best he had eaten in a while. The presentation of both dishes was really interesting.

It was only their first week and they weren’t serving desserts. But I made cat face and they whipped up a brownie in honour of the birthday girl. Well, they were also offering them to all the other customers on the house. 😛

Photographs: Dhruvi Shah, Aniruddha Guha

So, yeah, we had a great time on our first visit there. Although it was heavy on our pockets. The second glass of wine might have something to add to that. :S

Having recommended it to all our friends and family, we went back in three weeks. The absolute contrasting experience we had left us dumbfounded. The wine soaked mushrooms to begin with were a hit. The wine cocktails were lacking in wine content. Everything we ordered after that was a downhill ride. The starters were strictly mediocre tasting. The homemade pasta served with green apple butter was far from pleasing. It was rather indigestible for its odd colour and smell. We had to resort to potato wedges to save us.

Anyway, take a chance if you may. Their adorable name is very inviting. Visit their site for details here or like their facebook page here.