Wake up and look at the t-shirt

It is quite literally what I did this morning.

I logged on to a blog I discovered in the tweeple jury list of nominees: The Bombay Talkies. Check it out: http://thebombaytalkies.blogspot.com

She had put up a funny, yet detailed post on the many shirts of Sid (Ranbir Kapoor in Wake Up Sid). It read:

“Over the course of the year Wake Up Sid has become one of my favorite movies.  It’s not convoluted or contrived or overly sappy, it doesn’t try to hard to be cool, there’s no faux-badassness or celebrity vanity showing through.  It’s just a sweet, simple story about two people and the lives they make for themselves.

It helps that Ranbir Kapoor’s more than a pretty face–the boy can act.

What else can he do, you ask?

He can wear a freaking t-shirt.  And seeing as how the production team went to great lengths to feature him in every version of “pop culturally-relevant graphic t-shirt” known to man, I feel it’s only appropriate to ogle…erm, observe him in a few of them.”

We ALL loved his t-shirts, didn’t we? I had people in office asking me to do a shopping special on cartoon t-shirts. (I did, btw) I immediately got on the bandwagon of praises for WUS, wrote an extensive column and spoke with the costume designers.

Here’s the page from the archives:

Click on the image for a better read.

Which favourite cartoon would you like to have on your t-shirt? Which tee from Ranbir Kapoor’s collection in Wake Up Sid is your favourite. Write in with your answers! I can’t wait to read.