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The Expendables: The Film


The Expendables | Teaser

Boy: “It’s a boy movie.”
Boy: “Are you sure you want to watch it?”
The ‘girl’ in her wanted to prove him wrong.
Girl: “I liked the Watchmen. I want to watch it.”
Boy: “Okay, don’t blame if you’re bored. I warned you.”
She concentrated on the food more than the brawn.

The brawn | The Expendables

The elaborate order was as follows:
Caramel and cheese popcorn, large Coke,
2 brownies, a Dairy Milk, a burger and coffee

The Expendables | Open Container

And she thought about the intricate design of the tattoo she wanted to get.
Trying to speak to her girlfriend on the right was no respite.
The tomboy (girl in disguise) wanted to get herself a gun.

Artwork | The Expendables

My pick of lines from the movie:

“They got an army. What have we got? 4 & a half men,” says short Asian guy.
(I’m not really racist. I just appreciate the source of humour in such situations.)

“Why don’t we tattoo Charlotte’s web on your head?”
And then he launches into an elaborate discussion on the intricacies of its design.

Girl: “I’m Sandra. What are your names?”
Boy: (Points to himself) Buddha (points to another) Pest.

Taking money for something is not a gift.
Taking nothing for something is.

Girl: “I loved you. I waited. I don’t even know what you do for a living.”
Boy: “Now you know what I do for a living. I’m not perfect. You should have waited. I’m worth it.”

I’m not exactly a fan of the action packed movies of the 80s.
I do have early memories of Sylvester Stallone.
The men in my life, starting with dad, seem to be majorly influenced.

The Expendables | The Actors

In the Expendables, they were all old and there was blood and gore.
Technologically created effects lent the movie an old age appeal.
Meh. I just had fun being me.

I’m sure many are Rocky and Rambo fans. You guys are in for a surprise treat.
Because I am amazing at great finds like that.

At the Movies | The ‘Expendables’ | Not

Every movie going experience is an adventure
You could bump into a friend, an actor or an usher
You could relate to what is unfolding on the silver screen
And stumble upon a toe or two in the dark

Be careful what you wish for though
When you’re looking for answers
The universe conspires to show you so many

Last week, my friend was making me jealous…
He went to watch a film that I’d been begging him to come see

And of course, Imtiaz Ali had to be there for a promotional event
He’s not expendable, that’s quite proven
Disturbingly rather, he’s being held back, tied to a chair

In'expendable' | Imtiaz Ali

A groom? | Imtiaz Ali

I like PVR. They always have promotional memorabilia on display.
I’ve clicked one too many pictures with Woody and others.
Of course, they’re pushing Aisha a bit much now.

Anyway, Aisha was running a contest.
A special goody bag would be awarded to an interesting picture
taken with an Aisha poster.

Well, to be flanked by an Imtiaz Ali look-alike on one hand
And the eternal cowboy, Woody on the other
Is a lucky girl’s perfect picture moment, mine at least.

Antardwand | Aisha | Toy Story

Antardwand | Promotional dummy

Well, my life is always an adventure
I’ve been crushing on ‘Dhruv’ from Aisha
That we almost have the same name is just brownie points

Arunoday Singh was sitting in the same row
Just a few seats away. So, I had quite an eye-candy blast.
Amidst all the brawn of ‘The Expendables’

For those of you wondering…
He says his life is pretty much the same post Aisha.
I guess only a couple thousand more crushes, maybe.
My girlfriends agree. 😛

And now for some Imtiaz Ali trivia.
I interviewed directors and stylists for a feature story.
And asked them one question.
Do you have a Hindi film inspired item of clothing?

Any guesses for Imtiaz Ali’s response?
A belt with a Sholay buckle.
Cho chweet na? I like.

Sholay | Belt

Apparently, you can now get all of Sholay on your belt.

So, do you have a Hindi film inspired decorative item?
Leave your answers in the comments section.

Signing off. Keep it filmy! Keep it stylish! *blows kisses*

PS – Yesterday India also celebrated Sholay’s 35th anniversary. Fitting.