Stopover for dessert in Paris | Just the glass will do

Dessert Glass from Hard Rock Cafe Paris

Dessert Glass from Hard Rock Cafe Paris | Photograph: Salonee Gadgil

Early 2010, in Europe’s freezing winter, the sister and I were going to spend exactly 2 nights in the city of Paris. While we did spend most of the first day sleeping, we decided to make as much of the night as we could to cover up. We booked ourselves onto the night ferry across River Seine, a walk around the Eiffel tower at night and a show at the Moulin Rouge. But we were in Paris and I had to get a souvenir glass from Hard Rock Cafe. We had rented a private cab and with a lot of hope, we asked the driver if it would be possible. He agreed but on the condition that we would spend no more than 5 minutes at the shop. We were sold. We literally walked in and picked up the first glass we saw. To our surprise, it was a dessert glass. Unique to the Paris store, it made perfect sense why it would be so. We were outta there in no time but it’s so much fun recounting the story. 🙂

A story each from 9 cities across the world that stock Hard Rock Cafe glasses

Margarita glass | HRC Pattaya | Photo: Salonee Gadgil

Margarita glass | HRC Pattaya | Photo: Salonee Gadgil

Circa 2009, while on a junket in Pattaya, it seemed I was doomed. I was either breaking my back and camera, losing money and phone credit or seemingly all alone on a film set. When the schedule had wrapped up, the crew had flown out and I was one of two people from the unit still at the hotel, we decided to let the last night act as saving grace. A recce of the main street later, I was pointing at the Hard Rock Cafe hotel and hearing myself say, “Let’s sing along, get some grub and make a night to remember.” 15 minutes later, seated at a table with the right view of the local band’s performance, I was ready to order a margarita. The fine print said I could order a souvenir glass from the rock shop. I was thrilled. After the date, I wasted no time in letting the one who took me out buy me my first Hard Rock Cafe collectible. Stored in a brown paper box, I literally clutched it on the flight and all the way back home. Little did I know, in 3 years, I would be flaunting a collection, looking for photographers to shoot it and sampling the new menu at the local Hard Rock Cafe.

I’m so pleased with the way the shoot turned out. Every day I’m going to update this post with a story and a picture of a glass (shot by Salonee Gadgil of . Soon, you’ll know 9 stories, 1 each on collecting Hard Rock Cafe glasses from across the world. Promise to follow?

Also coming up: A tasting of the new menu at Hard Rock Cafe, Mumbai. 🙂