Alice loves the Volkswagen Beetle



Browning’s words are so true. I grew up listening to a joke involving a Volkswagen. The punch line was that Volkswagen’s boot was at the front of the car. In my grown up years, I haven’t owned a real Beetle but I bought my sister a toy Barbie one when she was 9. We still have it and every time my nephew comes over, he has to play with it! In the year that went by, gen next Hindi film heroines, namely Sonam Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone identified the Beetle as the car for their on-screen characters. You remember the blog I wrote? I haven’t managed to test drive it yet but may be there’s a sign.

Alice and the Beetle

Alice and the Beetle

Photograph: Mom

Jumpsuit – Evolve, Lokhandwala | Clutch – Bliss, Versova | Shoes – New Look, UK

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Volkswagen Beetle | The heroine’s car in 2010

I’ve always wanted to buy my own car. And I’ve imagined it to be a Volkswagen Beetle. On one of my sister’s birthdays, I bought the toy version for her Barbie. Although we’ve grown out of it now, we can’t stop our nephew from playing with it every time he’s over.

Photographs: Dhruvi Shah

Earlier this year, Aisha released. The lead actor Sonam Kapoor was portrayed as quite the trendy girl. She drove a yellow Volkswagen Beetle.

Then came Anjaana Anjaani. While the publicized car of course is Blush, in her pre-Blush phase, Kiara (Priyanka Chopra) drove a yellow Volkswagen Beetle. It was almost as if her transition from the Beetle to the Ford was the character’s personal journey.

The to-be-released Break Ke Baad starring Imran Khan and Deepika Padukone shows Aaliya Khan (Deepika Padukone) driving a yellow Volkswagen Beetle as well.

Some snapshots from the theatrical trailer:

What do you think of the theatrical trailer?

All three films: Aisha, Anjaana Anjaani and Break Ke Baad have romantic overtones and seem to focus on modern urban couples. All three lead heroines are shown to drive a yellow Volkswagen Beetle. Priyanka Chopra, Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone are more often than not considered in the same bracket: the young heroines of this generation.

It is interesting how the cultural baggage attached to the car has given it a girly appeal. Of course, the brand’s collaboration with Barbie adds to the effect.

I’m extremely tempted to hop down to the Volkswagen Mumbai West showroom and take a Beetle out for a test drive.

Which car have you always wanted to buy?
What do you think of the Volkswagen Beetle?
Do you like that the three heroines are shown to drive one?

Answer those questions or leave any other thoughts in the comments section. 😀